Leah Salinas

Leah Salinas

Managing Director

Leah Salinas is a Managing Director with Sudduth Search and has deep experience in sales, business development and staffing within a variety of industries. She is passionate about hunting the market to identify the best leadership for her clients.

With more than 14 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner, she brings a unique perspective to the hiring process, and understands the importance of identifying both the right skill set and cultural fit. In addition, she has also worked with several companies to develop best practices in corporate hiring, training and employee retention.

Leah holds a BA in Fine Arts from Ithaca College and is a strong supporter of the Arts in Education. She has spent over a decade volunteering in and advocating for inner city public schools, and has led numerous fundraising campaigns that have provided critical resources to underperforming schools.

Leah calls Houston home and is an active member of the Downtown Rotary Club of Houston. She enjoys spending time playing tennis, fishing, training for triathlons and frequenting athletic events with her husband and four children.

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